SwagTex | Where Are We And What Do We Do?

We all know the feeling when our awaited order finally arrives. You took days to finalize the sweatshirt
design, with your favorite sports team logo and number. Now, as you unwrap the parcel, you notice the color looks faded, the player number is not centered, and the edge is crooked. Few lines on the print are
also missing. You feel the disappointment of having wasted your money on this sweatshirt. The website
claimed cheap custom apparel. However, the final product delivered is entirely unsatisfactory. Where
can you look to get custom apparel in the right price, and the right value? Well consider SwagTex as your
next go-to place to get customs quick, simple, and in the best price!

What is SwagTex?

SwagTex is a partner to renowned brand Capswag. Our motto says ‘Custom Made Simple!’ that is
precisely what we are offering our clients. Although various sites offer cheap custom embroidery and
direct to garment printing,
we specialize in delivering premium custom apparel in multiple techniques.
We aim to provide the best quality products that do not empty your pocket. Anything that you can
imagine we can transfer into reality.

This post will guide you through our easy custom process that guarantees to make this experience
enjoyable and deliver you a one-of-a-kind product.

Where Is It Located?

If you live in Berlin, New Jersey head on to our store. We are located at Berlin’s Farmer’s Market, which
we are sure you regularly visit to restock on your basic goods. We strived to get this specific location to
ease our customers and provide them with a personal first-hand customer experience.

Most people have difficulty finding the right shop for the customizing service or technique they desire.
We are the ultimate one-stop-shop for all your custom apparel needs in Berlin, NJ. In-store you can
select from our wide variety of products, including; garments, shoes, regular items such keychains,
metallic and plastic décor pieces. Then inspect our ready samples to select the design technique you like.
Once you finalize your product, place the order, and we will do the rest.

How Does It Work

Our easy online custom process consists of 3 simple steps:

1. Select:

You begin by browsing through our list of products available online. If you want a particular item
customized, you can let us know. You have the option to upload or email your artwork file or select from
our list of stock images. Next, send the file for approval and feedback.

2. Design:

Now you let your imagination run wild! We have a wide range of services. If you want direct to garment
printing on custom apparel, we can transfer colorful designs to shirts, caps, jackets, bags, and hoodies. If
you are more inclined towards embroidery and patchwork, our digital machines can embroider complex
and intricate designs in mere minutes. If you are not sure about how your design will look, you can book
a consultation with our professional graphic designer to perfect your concept.

3. Order

The final part is to choose the size of your item and the quantity you require and placing the order. We
will deliver you nothing but a high-quality product that exceeds your expectation. We have a table of
standard pricing for the style you choose, including the bulk order pricing. You can request a quote for
your order through email, phone call, or visit our store in Berlin’s Farmer Market in New Jersey.

What Do We Do?

Custom services provided at SwagTex are listed below.

  1. Embroidery

Embroidery is the original apparel decoration technique; it stands its position today because of the
versatility it offers. We know that our clients may be looking to embroider a superior design on their
favorite streetwear or might be looking to start up their streetwear brand. We can assist you through it
all. Our branding expert will make the custom process simple. You will give them your specification, and
they will present you with multiple options. Then we will send you some mockups to judge the design
and improve them to your liking. The following are the types of embroidery we specialize in.

  • Puff Embroidery:

It is a three-dimensional design with foam underneath the thread. This style is preferred for
lettering in several fonts and sure to highlight your words.

  • Applique:

The art of layering has its technicali?es that we have learned through years of experience
working with different name brands. This French method adds a pop culture feature to your
design. It will make your design unique with endless possibili?es of colors and materials such as
felts, twills, vinyl and leather.

  • Chenille:

If you are looking for a Timeless piece, choose a chenille method for your design. It is a century’s
old woven technique that uses fabric tufts to give the image a raised look. This method will give
your custom apparel a luxurious feeling unparalleled to any retail item you will purchase.

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