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Summer is around the corner, and it is time for Trucker Hats to shine. Trucker cap enthusiasts understand that their baseball cap’s variation in design and style is just as important as a change of clothing with the seasons.

A 47 trucker hat with monogrammed circular patch in front. Image: CapSwag

Trucker snapback hats not only express the wearer’s unique style but also provide functionality. They protect your head and shield your eyes. The introduction of customization techniques has resulted in a boom for unique personalized hats. There is a large variety of techniques available now due to digitalization. For example, a digital embroidery machine can create thousands of different styles on your chosen custom trucker hat or snapback caps, or your favorite dad cap.

SwagTex specializes in all kinds of custom apparel. It is a custom hat design website. You can browse through the CapSwag website to check the options available for purchase now. Customers from all over the country come to visit the SwagTex shop in Berlin’s Farmer Market, NJ. It is a one-stop-shop for all your custom needs. They have special edition baseball caps and blanks for customization. SwagTex employees will show you all the available custom techniques, and you can pick the one you like the most.

How Is Trucker Hat Different From Other Baseball Cap?

A Trucker hat is a perfect combination of style and comfort. There are few distinct features of a trucker hat that are different from a standard baseball cap. The front panel of a trucker hat is structured similarly to other snapbacks or 39Thirty baseball caps. However, some trucker hats will have one front panel instead of the standard two triangle panels. The more extensive panel provides space for customization techniques.

The four back panels are replaced with mesh material for greater ventilation during hot weather. The brim varies with different snapback caps. There are blank trucker hats available with flawlessly straight brim and dad caps with exaggerated curved brims. To ensure proper fit, the trucker caps come with an adjustable strap at the back. This strap is also helpful for people with long hair who like to tie them in a ponytail. The hole on snapback trucker cap will keep the hair away from your neck, properly secured during your runs.

Types Of Customs For Your Trucker Hat

There is nothing more special than being asked by strangers about your one-of-a-kind custom trucker hat. Since the possibilities with customization are endless, you can never have enough of them. This post will guide you through different custom techniques that can be applied to truckers’ hats. SwagTex has worked with thousands of customers to bring their vision to life. You can book a consultation with a SwagTex graphic designer if you are unsure what technique applies to the type of design you want to create.

Plain Embroidery

Embroidery technique has existed for decades; however the digital embroidery machines have made it efficient and cost-effective. You can create complex designs with thousands of stitches in numerous colors within mere minutes. The embroidery machine has a unique holder to embroider designs directly onto a blank cap. The types of threads can alter any design; whether you prefer matte or shiny finish, the threadwork will be flawless.

The stitches can produce pictures of objects, write quirky sayings or make the logo of your favorite team or a company. A monogrammed trucker hat compliments any outfit. Clients most frequently use this technique for custom designs due to its flexibility and versatility.

A bold distressed red snapback trucker hat. Image: CapSwag

Puff Embroidery

We all love our New York Yankees 59Fifty baseball cap with raised city initials on the front. These letters are created using puff embroidery that uses foam embedded underneath the stitching. Although three-dimensional embroidery is a simple technique, it makes a huge impact on the audience. Whether you want the initials of your name embossed or your favorite player, SwagTex can create it. It may seem like a costly venture, but you can easily customize your trucker hat at a reasonable price.

Direct To Garment Printing

Direct to garment printing is a new customization technique for trucker hats. The machine is similar to the paper printer, but fabric replaces the paper. This method is excellent if you are looking to create intricate designs with multiple colors and shading. The feel of the printed fabric is flawless as if the design was part of the original material. As the designs are computer-generated, the limitations of colors or styles are removed. The fabric is then used to create your custom trucker hat.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is a traditional technique that uses design burned onto a mesh screen. The inks are then pushed through these screens onto the fabric and sealed with heat. This fabric can then be used to produce a custom trucker hat for you. It is a very cost-effective method if you are looking to bulk produce a design. The screen printing machine has multiple arms which can simultaneously print several shirts at the same time. You can rest assure that even an order of thousand custom trucker hats will be delivered to you within days. These are mainly selected by people looking for promotional items for public events.

Vinyl Printing

The most significant advantage of vinyl printing is custom placement. The vinyl comes in a variety of colors and finishes. Some of the most common vinyl sheets are shiny and matte colors, holographic and glitter, even clear vinyl. The vinyl sheet is cut with a specialized printer that guarantees precision close to few millimeters. The heat press is used to seal the design. A special presser attachment for the trucker hats assures placement of choice. SwagTex customers come back to vinyl designs because the quality is unparalleled to any other technique. When you touch the vinyl printed trucker hat or snapback, it does not give a plastic feeling similar to inks.

Patchwork and Die Cast Pins

No one said you have to pick one custom technique to create a beautiful trucker hat. You can mix and match different techniques as you like. This method is handy when you want to make custom pieces with a specific theme in mind, such as honoring a personality, creating a custom snapback based on your favorite movie character, detailing landmarks for a special location, or even admiring all your pets.

Patches come in different materials such as fabric or silicon. They all can be created in different colors and textures. A raised silicone patch is weatherproof and pocket friendly. Similarly, embroidered patches are extremely easy to make at a small cost.

To give your trucker hat a luxurious feel, go for a chenille patch. Chenille patch is a type of embroidery with tufts of fabric sewn at an angle. These patches look and feel similar to rugs. Most commonly used for lettering and simple designs, the end colorful patch cannot be bought from any retail store.

If you are searching for timeless pieces, order metal pins, and tags. SwagTex produces custom metal diecast pins in gold and silver in numerous shapes and sizes. It is a classic that never goes out of style. You will turn heads everywhere with a leather snapback trucker hat with a gold embossed metal pin attached to the front of the cap.

A leather trucker cap with custom die cast pin in front. Image: Capswag

Why SwagTex For Customization?

SwagTex has picked up all the tricks and tips for perfect customization with years of experience working with individuals and businesses. SwagTex employees are regarded as experts now. Besides, you can be sure that every single item passes through a strict quality control process to deliver you nothing but the best product.

SwagTex frequently releases special theme, limited edition affordable trucker hats. You can order custom design on any snapback or dad cap that you prefer. You can request a quote to compare pricing for different styles and the quantity of your purchase. This step gives you the most fabulous design while staying within your budget. Below listed are some of the advantages of custom ordering SwagTex trucker hats.

Quality Product

The team of SwagTex carry items only from recognized brands such as 47′ Brand and New Era, to maintain high-quality standards. They understand that custom apparel is not a one-time wear item. Baseball cap enthusiasts admire and display their custom dad hats and snapbacks. The SwagTex brand items last for decades, even with frequent use.

Easy Customization Process

SwagTex motto is ‘custom made easy.’ The entire customization process is a 3 step method. To customize your trucker hat, first, you select the trucker hat you like and decide the customization technique. You can email or upload your artwork on the SwagTex website or get help from a SwagTex designer. After finalizing your design, receive a fantastic cap within days.

Additional Services

Not only does SwagTex offer custom services, but it also delivers snapback care services and products. You can purchase a BlackBox hat bag specially designed to safely transport a maximum of six dad caps. There are cleaning products and brushes available at SwagTex for regular maintenance of your valuable trucker caps.

Check out SwagTex and let us know in the comment which snapback hat you are going to custom order first. For more inspiration and product reviews, visit the Youtube channel Capswagusa.

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