SwagTex| Custom Trucker Hat

Summer is around the corner, and it is time for Trucker Hats to shine. Trucker cap enthusiasts understand that their baseball cap’s variation in design and style is just as important as a change of clothing with the seasons. Trucker snapback hats not only express the wearer’s unique style but also provide functionality. They protectContinue reading “SwagTex| Custom Trucker Hat”

SwagTex | Direct To Garment VS Screen Printing

Online retail has unified the fashion industry. Everyone is trying to stand out in the crowd; subsequently, the customization technique gained popularity. There are several methods to customize a garment, but the most widely used and recommended techniques are Direct to Garment Printing and Screen Printing. Both of these produce elevated items in a shortContinue reading “SwagTex | Direct To Garment VS Screen Printing”

SwagTex | Embroidery, What Is It, And How It’s Done?

The idea of embroidery is so common in our lives that we fail to notice it anymore. The stitching on our car seat and a baseball, the miniature horse logo on our shirts, the design on our bags, the company motto scribbled on a laptop case, sports uniform embroidery, all these are few examples ofContinue reading “SwagTex | Embroidery, What Is It, And How It’s Done?”

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