A Digitial printing process that allows for complex cmyk prints to be printed on demand. This technology allows for various products like garments, tote bags, sneakers and even hats to be digitally printed.

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Direct to garment or DTG  printers use water-based chemistry that require a unique curing process. Since direct to garment or dtg  inks are water-based, they work best for printing on organic fibers such as cotton, bamboo, hemp, and linen. In addition, pre-treatment is typically applied to the garment before printing. The pre-treatment is heat-pressed into the t-shirt causing the fibers of the shirt to sit flat and allow for a clear print location] The pre-treatment also allows the water based inks to bond more fully to the garment. This is especially important when using white ink on dark garments. Once the custom t-shirt has been properly pre-treated, the garment is then positioned onto a platten system designed to hold the shirt in place. The shirt is then digitally printed.

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