DTG Services. Complex CMYK prints on demand. High quality durable prints on a large variety of garment types with no mimumums and absolutely no costs or restrictions for additional colors. 

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Direct to Garment Printing or "DTG" printers use water-based chemistry and a unique curing process. A pre-treatment is heat-pressed into your garment chemically preparing them to accept ink forming a long lasting durable bond. The heat also straightens and pressed the fibers for crisp, no mess prints. The garment is then positioned onto a platten and printed with your design in a high tech version of the process used by your home or office printer. This means highly detailed full color designs are possible with no need to compromise and no extra cost. Because the inks are water-based, they print best on organic fibers like cotton, bamboo, hemp, and linen.


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When should I use
Direct to Garment Printing?

Direct to Garment Printing is ideal for small print runs where detail and durability are most important. We recomend it for any project with less than 36 pieces.

Garments created with this technique are soft to the touch without that "plastic" feeling common to Screen Printing or Vinyl decorated garments.


- No Minimums.

- No Maximum Colors.

- Extremely Durable.

- Preserves Complex Details.

- Soft "part of the fabric" feeling.

- No special art files.


- Screen Printing is more economical in bulk quantities.

- CMYK color printing can't reproduce certain colors in maximum saturation.

- Only works on garments made with at least 50% natural fibers.


Pricing your direct to garment order is simple! Because of Direct to Garment's flexible technology there are no set up fees, and we're able to print any high resolution image without art charges. That makes direct to garment the most economical option for low quantity print runs. The primary factor that governs the cost of your project is ink, so the size of your print area and type of garment are key.


Art Fees

Have ready to go art files? DTG is a nimble process that requires requires no specialty art preparation so you can skip this step, but if you want a little help polishing your art our team of talented designers are here for you!


Design Services: 

Whether you need to recreate a shirt from your closet, tweak the style & content, or want skilled hands to bring your idea to reality we can help you cross the finish line.

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 $24.99 (per hour)

The art fee is 24.99 an hour, with nearly all designs being completed in a single hour. This step is not required if you already have print ready files for your artwork.

Elevate my Business

Looking for ground up help with your brand? 

Check out our full suite of design and branding services including logo development and social media packs.


DTG printing requires different prices for different material thickness and absorbancies. To keep things simple, printing fees below include the cost of the garment!
Want to print on somthing unique? Ask us for a quote! 

*Sizes 2XL and above incur a small surcharge for most garments.


5" x 5" Designs

Perfect for front left chest designs. Small doesn't have to mean simple. Create beautiful, highly detailed logo badges
in glorious  CMYK full color.

front left chest


12 for $240


12 for $420

12" x 12" Designs

Make bold and beautiful text or logo designs 
that stand out from a distance.
(Be sure your art files have transparent backgrounds)

full front


12 for $276


12 for $490

Photograph Designs

Direct to Garment Printing is capable of full spectrum 
colorand shading allowing your photographs to be
recreated in crisp detail.



12 for $420


12 for $660


5" x 5" Logo or Wordmark on front left chest.
12" x 12" Logo or Worrdmark on your full back.

Perfect for team or company shirts.

front left chest and back uniform


12 for $360


12 for $550


12" x 12" Photograph on front.
12" x 12" Photograph on back.

Add text at no extra cost!

front and back photograph


12 for $600


12 for $900

Need something else? 

There are even more options available in our catalog. Explore what we've got on hand in the SWAGTEX Garment Designer. Want to talk to someone, book a consultation with a designer or request a quote by email for information about bulk pricing. 

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