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Starting a streetwear or clothing  brand?

The process of begining a brand can be daunting, identifiing your target market and creating an identity for your business that really slaps is hard enough. Our goal is to take some of the heavy lifting off your hands in the process of brand development and creation. Once you've identified the direction you want to move we can walk you through everything from logo creatation to mock ups, blanks, and produciton. Our team of branding experts are happy to help. Reach out to us for information.


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Cost effective option used for apparel and headwear. Needle and thread yields beautiful outcomes with diverse options. Whether you're doing a basic lettering job, or a complex brand or company logo, embroidery looks and feels lux. Your options are limitless with premium choices like metallic, reflective, flame retradent, and glow in the dark threads. 


Puff or "foam" embroidery is a dimsional way to add a pop factor to your designs. Puff embroidery is a complex process that may or may not be right for your design or material. If you aren't sure, reach out to us for a consultation. Puff can be used on both headwear and apparel to create an amazing 3d effect for the right project.



A French term for the layered appliqation of multiple materials in order to create a desiered three dimensional effect Appliqué adds an amazing pop factor to any garment but is used predominately in the sports apparel arena. Appliqué can be created with twills, felts, as well as chennile, vinyl, and leather.





A classic french technique dating back to the 1800s. Chenille fabrics are woven in right angles to create tufts of fabric that stand on end. This complex technique adds a luxurious softness to embroidered designs and can add an iridescent feeling due to the three dimensionality. Chennile products require care and proper cleaning techniques  to look their best.



Embroidery can feel a little complicated, but we're here to make it simple!

There are 3 steps to starting your project.

1. Submitting your art for approval. As a rule of thumb, the cleaner the art the better the final product will match your expectations. You can email or upload your art right here!

2. Work with a branding expert to decide the best course for your project. Should you use Foam, Applique or Classic Embroidery? We'll help you decide.

3. Confirm your sample. We will forward you a sample of your project before stitching begins. This lets you review the size, color, and positioning of your project.

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Vectorizing is an essential step to creating good embroidery. A vector is a type of digital file typically used in logo design, and it's the foundation we use to make your embroidery file. If you already have a vector file for your design you can skip ahead by sumbitting the .AI or .SVG file, in some cases even a clean high
resolution .JPEG or .PNG will suffice.



In order to run your design on an embroidery machine the location, density, speed, and angle of each stich as well all the trim points and thread changes need to be plotted using specialty software. The industry term for this is "Digitizing". Good digitizing usually makes the difference between good embroidery and a messy tangle of threads, but don't worry, our hand picked team of digitizers have years of experience making designs shine.



Now that your stitch file has been made, it's time for quality control and review. We want you be sure you'll love your custom SWAGTEX embroidery, and that's why we make you part of the process. We'll use specialized software to interpret your newly made stitch file and create a virtual mockup of the finished design for you to review for size, color and positioning.




Embroidery is a complex process with much to consider, but we're here to make it easy for you wherever we can. To the best of our ability we've standardized our prices for most jobs, and larger or more complex projects can be handled with a simple quote and approval process so you know exactly what you're getting. If you have any questions we encourage you to call or email.


Art Fees

Good art files are essential to making good embroidery. Wherever you are along the way we'll help you get to the finish line.

Note: All art fees are waved on items ordered in quantities of at least 12 pieces.


(Optional) Vectorizing: 

Embroidery requires a vectored digital design to begin. If you have ready to go art files you can skip this step. If you have a photograph of a physical item to copy, a sketch, or just a dream, we can help you turn your vision into a reality.


ART FEE -  $24.99 (per hour)

The art fee for vectorizing is 24.99 an hour, with nearly all designs being completed in a single hour. This step is not required if you already have vector files of your artwork.

Stitch File Set Up: 

Even if your design was created on a computer, a specialty "digitized" stitch file needs to be made so it can run on an embroidery machine. Good digitizing takes your design and choice of garment into account when setting the speed, direction, and density for each stich in the image.

digitizing art

ART FEE -  $24.99

Digitizing is required for all designs except text only designs under 5" x 5". Your artwork will be stored in our database for future projects. It's important to note that digitizing is size dependant, so the same logo will have to be digitized separately for a 3" and a 6" application.

Embroidery Fees

The cost of your project is determined by the amount of time and material used by our machines. Remember to add the cost of your garment when considering the total price, or bring your own item to one of our locations and turn it into a one of a kind work of art!

Note: Bulk pricing is available on all orders. Ask for a quote!

*Heavyweight material garments like Carhartt work coats require extra time an attention, and are priced differently.


5" x 5" Designs

Translate your iconic brand into the real world with embroidered logos, or turn your name, mantra, or designs into one of a kind custom fashion. Nothing stands out quite like
a high quality embroidered image. 



This cost covers the cost of embroidery, but not the garment itself. Choose an item from our extensive collection of blanks, or bring your own to one of our locations!

 109.99 (6 Pieces) || 179.99 (12 Pieces)

*Heavyweight Material Garments:
$29.99 || 149.99 (6 Pieces) || 259.99 (12 pieces)

12" x 6" Designs

Make a BIG impact with a BIG design. Perfect for stitching the name of your business across your shoulders, or creating your own wordmark sweaters and hoodies.



This cost covers the cost of embroidery, but not the garment itself. Choose an item from our extensive collection of blanks, or bring your own to one of our locations!

 374.99 (6 Pieces) || 624.99 (12 Pieces)

*Heavyweight Material Garments:
$129.99 || 474.99 (6 Pieces) || 799.99 (12 pieces)

12" x 12" Designs

Printing is the economical choice for large designs, but occasionally the time comes when nothing but the boldest possible statement will do. Wether you're looking for custom jacket backs, fashionable sweaters with full size embroidery we're ready to handle your project and make it shine. 



This cost covers the cost of embroidery, but not the garment itself. Choose an item from our extensive collection of blanks, or bring your own to one of our locations!

 474.99 (6 Pieces) || 799.99 (12 Pieces)

*Heavyweight Material Garments:
$169.99 || 674.99 (6 Pieces) || 1049.99 (12 pieces)

Advanced Techniques

Have a unique vision in mind? You don't have to let convention stand in your way. We're ready to give you advanced stitching techniques and source specialty materials. These processes take special care an attention to get exactly right, so using them requires a little extra communication to quote your design and ensure your design puffs where you want it to puff, and fluffs where you want it to fluff.


Submit your design and we'll quote your order based on your needs. Check the table on the right for general pricing information. Request a quote below, or you can call, email, or just walk into any of our stores. we're more than prepared to quickly evaluate your art, making the process as seamless as possible.


Not sure what's right for you? Book a consultation with one of our branding experts in store or over the phone so we can help you find the best way to make your style shine.

puff, chenille, & applique


  1 6 12
5" x 5" $29.99 $149.99 $249.99
12" x 6" $69.99 $389.99 $729.99
12" x 12" $99.99 $569.99 $999.99


  50 100 200 200 500
5" x 5" $9.99 ea $6.99 ea $4.69 ea $4.69 ea $5.38 ea
12" x 12" $19.99 ea $8.49 ea $6.49 ea $6.49 ea $4.49 ea


Priced by individual quote according to your needs.

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