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Custom Chenille and Embroidery Patches


Looking for Custom Embroidery patches made on demand? Look no further our custom patch service allows customers to design and produce Patches on site in a number of ways. We on site design and manufactor iron on embroidery patches as well as design and finalize chenille patches and woven labels for a refined custom brand look and feel.  Contact us for a full walk through of  patches that we offer.

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Looking for a local partner in developing and fulfiling your  Chenille patches ? We at capswag help the design process and will handle the fulfilment of any custom chenille patches big or small. Chennille patches provide a classic, Time tested vintage look that has stood the test of time . Perfect for varsity or lettermens  jackets,  jerseys, biker jackets or vests  and leather goods and anywhere. The elevated and refined applique process takes the layering of patch work to a new level. Custom chenille patchs start with a quantity as low as 12 pieces.



Woven Labels take a garment and really elevate the branding used for the branding and tagging of graments to create an elevated garment experience or often used on knit garments to sit above the soft nature  of an item that was knit. The woven technology allows for a remarkably  accurate design application while keep costs inline quantites here begin at 100 units but are suprisingly affordable.

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