Terms of Service

We only want to see the best work possible walk out our doors. Your confidence in us as your partner means everything. That's why we're careful to commit only to the work we know we can excell at, and communicate with you carefully along every step of the way.

Returns and Exchanges

We pride ourselves on taking the time to get your correctly, and carefully check our products for quality. Customized product can't be returned or exchanged. However, if you believe something about your order is wrong we will do everything we can to make it right.


Cancelled Orders

SWAGTEX reserves the right to cancel and refund any order. While we hate to dissapoint, we won't take an order that we don't believe we can faithfully fullfill. Wether the limitation is mechanical, legal, or otherwise, if there is some reason your project can not be executed you will receive a full refund of your purchase price with our apologies. Whenever possible we will work with you to find an alternative that will satisfy your needs.


Trademark & Copyright Limitations

We are unable to recreate any design that is under the legal ownership of another business or individual without the express permission of the legal owner.


Artwork Approvals

- We want to make sure you love your custom product, that's why we always send you a proof before any work begins on your project. It's up to you to ensure that your artwork approvals are reviewed and approved in a timely manner. A long wait for your approval may lengthen the timeline of your project. SWAGTEX reserves the right to process orders that have not been approved or denied after 14 days. If we haven't heard from you in this time, your proof will be considered approved.


- Please review the proof you have been sent carefully. This is the time to voice concerns or request changes to your design. SWAGTEX is only responsible for ensuring that your final product matches the approved proof. Any discrepencies in your final design outside of the scope of the approved proof are the sole responsibility of the customer.


- Think carefully before you hit that button. Changes to your design or other revisions must be finalized before approving your proof. Once you have approved the proof and work has begun on your project, it may be too late. 


- When your art or logo is recreated from photographs or non production quality files there may be some small differences in your design. SWAGTEX can not garantee a 100% match without print ready files. It is up to you to approve or deny the work during the approval process. Please contact us to request larger images or more information if you are unsure about your design.


- You may specify your color requirements with Hex, RGB, CMYK, or Pantone color codes. If you do not specify a color we will do our best to color match your design. If your design requires specific color shades you MUST specify your requirements or accept the colors selected for you.


Production Ready Artwork

Unless you are using one of our art or design services, you are responisble for providig the artwork for your project and ensuring it is of production ready quality. If the art you've provided is blurry, low resolution, or otherwise unsuited to the service you have selected it may affect the quality of your final product. If you are unsure, just ask! We want your project to look good to, and we're happy to check the production quality of your files.

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